It was almost impossible to believe I’d ever gone three years without sex because in the past week without Lukas, I felt starved. Almost out of my mind with the need to touch him.

It started with the damned business trip that had taken him to Los Angeles, which was tolerable for the first few days because I had Nicky with me at home, and there was something so fun about holding him in my lap in the evenings and FaceTiming Daddy to say goodnight.

At three years old, my son was already as bold and talkative as his father, with more confidence than I had when I was five times his age. But despite a brazen personality and a toddler swagger that mirrored his father to a tee, Nicky looked physically like a perfect mix of both his parents. He had my honey-brown locks and Lukas’s emerald green eyes, my Cupid’s bow lips and Lukas’s sky-high cheekbones. He was my tiny little dream come true, and every time I watched him run to Lukas – whether it was during a lunchtime visit to the office or just a random moment at home – I stopped to remind myself that this was really my life.

This is all yours.

Your husband, your son.

Your house.

Your shop.

It was better than any fantasy I could have dreamed up back in my little hometown of Warren, and how good I had it now was clear given the fact that my biggest problem this Monday morning was that I so badly missed my husband.

In the kitchen, preparing my fifth solo breakfast in a row, I texted him.


ME: Hi. All alone at home and missing you so much it hurts.


I followed the message with every downtrodden emoji I could find, grinning immediately when I saw the ellipsis indicating Lukas’s fingers typing thousands of miles away from me.


LUKAS: Nicky isn’t back yet?

ME: No he called me himself to ask if he could stay till tomorrow with Grandpa. Apparently he convinced Dad to take another day off work so they could go tubing.

LUKAS: Damn that kid’s good.

LUKAS: Almost too good.

ME: The persuasiveness he gets from you.

LUKAS: Wouldn’t argue that.

LUKAS: So what are you up to right now?

ME: Making breakfast.

LUKAS: That means all you’re wearing is that little black robe I bought you.

LUKAS: Tank top and panties underneath or just panties?


I smirked as I sipped my coffee, deciding to respond with a picture instead of words. Of course, before snapping the selfie, I untied my black silk robe, letting it fall open to expose my breasts. I barely sent it before Lukas replied.


LUKAS: Fucking hell


LUKAS: Baby. Show me more


I giggled, taking my time with my reply. It was his punishment for extending his business trip and leaving me all alone. And I was about to tell him as much via text but then he called.

“Baby,” he growled into the phone the second I picked up.

“Good morning to you, too,” I murmured, sipping my coffee.

He ignored me. “Why’d you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Send me that fucking picture right now. You know I’m between meetings. I’m nowhere near my hotel right now, which means I can’t fucking jerk off to your tits like I’m dying to right now.”

“You can always jerk off in a bathroom somewhere,” I teased.

“I might if you keep talking to me in that fuck-me voice. Send me another picture.”

“Of what?”

“Your tits. Your pussy. Anything. Send me a video.”

I complied, setting the phone down on the kitchen counter to record my video. Leaning over the counter, I showed him the view from below, cupping my tits in my hands, bouncing them a little and giggling to myself as I pressed send. I knew exactly when Lukas received it because he gave a sudden groan of true torment.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he hissed, mostly to himself. Save for a few whispers of “fuck” under his breath, he was quiet for a bit, watching the video what I could only assume was several times. “Fuck it,” he finally said.

“Fuck what?”

“Nothing. Touch your pussy. Tell me how wet you are right now.”

I bit my lip as I obliged my husband. “Soaking,” I breathed out, somehow still surprised by my ability to go from zero to sixty with Lukas, in terms of arousal. “God… that’s ridiculous,” I murmured with a little laugh.

“What’s ridiculous? How ready you are for my cock despite the fact that I’m two thousand miles away?”


“Touch it for me then.”

“I haven’t stopped since you told me to.”

“Good girl,” Lukas said with an audible grin. “Are you playing with your clit?”

“Yes.” Bringing my phone to the living room, I set it down on the table, laying down on the couch and arching my back.

“Do you have your fingers in your pussy?”


“Put your fingers in your pussy for me. Use both hands with yourself.” Lukas groaned as he heard the pleasure that breathed from my lips. “God, I miss that sound. Don’t be quiet for me, baby. Let me hear it.”

Pumping and stroking faster between my legs, I gave him the full volume of my moans, setting him off.

“Jesus Christ, you don’t know how bad I want you right now, Lia. I need to put my hands all over you,” Lukas said in an agony that had me picturing him leaning back hard on his chair, stroking his stiff cock over his pants. “Let me hear it again, baby. Say my name this time.” When I did, I could practically hear his grin of relief. “Yes. Fuck, I love that. One more time.”

“I’m going to come, Lukas,” I exhaled.

“Not yet.”

What? Baby – ”

“Don’t come yet,” Lukas said, a mischievous rasp in his voice. “Not till I tell you.”

My thighs clamped shut and I whimpered as I slowed my stroke. “Please, Lukas.”

“Please what?”

“Let me come.”

He waited, savoring my labored breaths for several more seconds. I knew he was smiling when he finally spoke again. “Okay. Come for me, baby.”

I unraveled immediately, his tormented groaning launching me further over the edge as I came.

“God, I bet you look so fucking good right now,” Lukas muttered as I came down from my bliss. “I know those lips are nice and pink.” He groaned. “I bet that perfect little pussy’s drenched right now.”

“That would be an understatement, considering it was drenched before you made me come all over myself.”

“You’re going to make me blow my fucking load right now.”

“That turns me on for some reason,” I mused with content, watching my own breasts bounce as I stretched out naked on the couch. “I think I need to go to back to bed right now. Break out the vibrator, maybe.”

“Keep talking like that I’ll cancel the rest of my meetings.”

“What, you gonna come home to me right now?”

“Yes, I’ll fuck you on the floor if you keep up with that smart mouth.”

I giggled. “You’re only giving me the incentive.”

Lukas cursed under his breath. “Alright, enough. They’re coming in for the meeting,” he said. I heard the low chatter of his colleagues streaming into the room as he said a quick goodbye and hung up – though unsurprisingly, he texted me his last word.


LUKAS: Keep that pussy wet for me. I’ll be home before you know it.


I chewed hard on my lip, excitement buzzing my skin. I had no idea how he did this.

Six years together and he still kept my guessing like it was day one.


* * *


I cuddled into my pillow, still warm off the glass of red wine I had before bed. My bleary eyes blinked open enough to confirm that it was well past 2AM. I wasn’t sure what had woken me up but I could guess as I stretched onto my back what it was.

The air in the room just felt different. Warmer.

It felt like home again.

A sigh of contentment left my lips, and I giggled when I felt Lukas’s weight lowering on top of me. I wasn’t surprised. A part of me was sure I’d sensed him in my sleep.

“You did not,” I murmured as his lips curved against mine.


“Cancel them.”

“My meetings? Of course I did,” Lukas chuckled gently, kissing me softly then deeper, harder as if to let me gradually wake up. He pulled the sheets off my body as I swept my tongue through his mouth, tasting what I’d missed so badly in the past week. The sleepiness that hung in the air melted away his rough tongue licked mine harder, ferocious now, as if we were both fighting for control. “Feel that?” Lukas cupped my hand over his dick as he nibbled my bottom lip. “That’s how hard you got me today.” He groaned into my mouth as I reached into his pants and freed his cock, letting it rest heavy between my legs as he pushed my T-shirt up and mauled my tits, sucking mercilessly on my nipples. “I jerked off twice at the hotel and I still got hard as a fucking rock just thinking about you on the plane. Wrap your legs around me, baby.”

I was already doing it before he told me. Teasing my wetness with his flared tip, I moaned. When he slid only a few inches inside me, I clenched around him.

“Fuck me already,” I whispered urgently. “Please.”

“I had to wait. Now you have to wait,” Lukas grinned, pinning my hands down before I could play with my clit. Rocking against me, he pushed in slowly, almost all the way inside me. Then he pulled out.

“Lukas!” I cried out, more awake then ever.

With a low, sexy laugh, he kissed me. “One more time.”

“No,” I sassed, breaking free from his grip and pulling him into my body. I gasped as his cock sank inside me, all the way this time, every inch of his steel buried in my pussy and going immediately to work. “Yes.” I closed my eyes as I gripped handfuls of his shirt, pulling him with all my might, guiding his furious pace between my legs.

Fuck, baby,” he groaned in awe as I rolled on top, my pussy still wrapped tight around him. His smooth lips curved into a grin as I rode him, presenting him the same view I’d sent him in a video this morning. His eyes were on fire, his fingers digging into my hips as he watched me move on top of him. “God, it’s like a dream,” he murmured. “It’s like a fucking dream every time I come home to you.”

I felt exactly the same but I felt too damned good to make a sound, let alone say it back. Guiding his hands up to my breasts, I had him squeeze, holding him in place as I grinded on top of him, feeling his cock hit every wall inside me. God, oh God. I tipped my head back as I felt the pressure building inside me, my breaths staggered now, my hands tightening around his.

“Baby, you’re gonna make me come,” Lukas warned, his voice tight.

I didn’t speak till the second before my orgasm hit. “Come now,” I whispered fast, a second before I exploded with pleasure. The blast of sensation collapsed me onto his chest and immediately, he held me. Kissing me, Lukas swallowed my moans, his arms wrapped tight around me as we milked every last second of the unbelievable feeling.

Six years together.

And it was still getting better.

Only after we’d come down from the heights of our ecstasy, right before we fell asleep, did I finally whisper what I wanted to say back in his ear.

“You’re my dream, too,” I breathed, closing my eyes as he kissed me. “My dream come true. And I love you so damned much.”