Ex Games

Bonus Chapter



Fuck me if this is how the rest of this week is going to go.

Day three of my weeklong business trip and I was already struggling with the separation. No, struggling was an understatement – I was fucking tortured and my fiancée’s taste for mischief via text was doing me no favors. Crushing my phone in my grip, my eyes skimmed back and forth over her message. Five words and she had me incapacitated in the midst of my most important meeting of the year. My team and I were minutes from done with this final proposal but now my mind was solely on Taylor and what she was wearing.

Rather what she wasn’t.

Reading her text again, I suppressed a groan.

Light grey dress. No panties. ;)

Goddamnit. Served me right for asking. I knew what dress she was talking about too. The one that was my new Kryptonite. The skirt was short and the sleeves were long but the part I liked best was how it went off those beautiful shoulders of hers. A glimpse of her smooth, naked skin in the winter and all I could think about was kissing it as I peeled that dress slowly down – maybe just below those gorgeous tits for a bit. I wouldn’t mind watching her walk around the house like that before yanking the thing fully off and fucking her over our couch.

Alright. I tapped my pen once and leaned back in my chair. Relax, you fucking caveman.

Really not the scene to be imagining in the middle of a business meeting. Thankfully, I kept my outward composure. I was good at that. Being engaged to Taylor Simms, I had to hone that particular skill because Christ, the girl was fucking fond of sending nudes. Making up for lost time, she said, and I was by no means complaining despite the fact that these texts were distractingly hot enough to put me out of business. They came on days I least expected them but when they did, it was always midday and it always forced me to put a hold on my meetings as I rode home to locate her in our apartment, chase her giggling ass down and fuck her senseless on our bed. And it always wound up becoming a multi-hour affair because round two was a given once she jumped in the shower with me. It couldn’t be helped. Taylor’s teardrop tits had to be my biggest weakness, so the sight of them wet might as well obliterate any other thought in my head.

In fact, thinking about them now had my brain desperate to shove out anything that might crowd my vivid image of her. But I needed to fight my lust for exactly six more seconds till this fucking proposal was finished.

“In short, it’s a no-brainer even before the tax abatement, which we have approved. All we need now are the stakeholders,” I said in a single a breath.

Fucking hell. There.


I breathed out hard. I wanted to rush the hell out at that point, get into my ride and call Taylor to let that honey sweet voice drift into my ear, but I stuck around for the customary post-meeting small talk. Of course, that small talk turned into drinks, which turned into more drinks, which turned into a three-hour dinner followed by the nightcap that delivered those words I’d been waiting to hear all year: “You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Leo.” They felt good, sure, and I had genuinely worked my ass off for them. But I didn’t wear quite as wide a grin as Ed or any of the guys on my team because I still had Taylor on the mind. All I wanted was her voice. No – that was a lie. I wanted her body. Her lips. I wanted to wrap my arms around her waist and feel the natural fit of our bodies together as I tasted her skin with my tongue. I wanted more than anything to just feel her. But I was amid my first business trip since we started dating – the “fake” part of it included – and since I was in Chicago while she was home in New York, I had to wait. And since I had to wait, I was happy to settle for just hearing her voice.

But by the time I got back into the hotel, she was asleep, her phone going to voicemail after six rings.

“Hey, baby,” I exhaled, putting the phone on speaker and setting it on the tabletop as I loosened my tie. “Just got back and I guess you’re asleep. Meeting went long but it went well. I’m pretty fucking happy about it right now… just wish I could hear your voice before bed. I hope your event went smoothly today. I know it had to be amazing considering Noah was texting me saying how awesome the space looked. And you know he’s an asshole about other people throwing his parties, so I know you killed it, baby. Good job. Anyway, I’ll call you in the morning. I miss you a lot. Love you.”

I whipped my tie off my neck as I hung up the phone. Fuck, it really sucked to be without her. It’d been just over seventy-two hours since I’d last seen her but she had me already spoiled. I was too used to being with her now, already addicted to all the little things – waking up with her body nestled against my chest. Being greeted by the smell of her hair, the taste of her skin on my lips. It was to the point that I felt vaguely off when I went to work without having first kissed her at the elevator. It happened only a few times, when she needed to leave for the office early, but it was enough to remind me that shit, I was fucking thankful to have picked the right one and put a ring on her. Christ. I had to laugh under my breath because if I could turn the clocks back and tell myself that I’d eventually want, need and think of only one woman, I’d tell myself to fuck off and physically shake some sense into my own body.

But now that I did know a life with Taylor, it honestly had me wondering how the hell I was satisfied with the one I lived before she was mine.


* * *


My dick was hard as a rock in my hand as I stroked, hot water beating down like rain on my shoulders from the ceiling shower. I was flexed from head to toe, every muscle on my body aching for release as I thought about Taylor bouncing on my dick the other day. It was a scene out of the last time we had sex. I had asked her to drop by the office on her lunch break so I could see her before my flight. She was running late and as a result, so was I. But there was always a later flight to catch if it came down to it and it did – because despite the fact that I could’ve come the second Taylor sunk down to the base of my cock, I held out. I needed to stretch out my time with the unreal view of her riding me. I needed to savor that for as long as humanly possible.

“Fuck,” I grunted, head rolled back as I replayed the sound she made when I brought her to a finish. God, I wished there was a recording device that saved the beauty of her every fucking orgasm. The sound alone was enough to launch me over the edge. It always started with that short, raspy gasp – the hot little noise I heard right before the ragged moaning that came with her coming all over my cock. It was gorgeous, desperate music to my ears and imagining it was enough to get my balls churning hard. I heard Taylor’s lips crying out, pictured her breasts shaking in front of me and that was all it took. Forearm slamming tile, I came, my groan deep and my pulse rapid. Thoroughly finished, I still hung onto my mental picture of Taylor – still played it on repeat as I caught my jagged breath. Eight hundred miles away, it was hard to let go of any image of her, so I savored it as I knotted a towel under my hips and stepped out of the bathroom. My dick was still hard as I reached into the drawer for a pair of boxers.

Just as I whipped the towel off to yank them on, my phone rang.


“Baby.” My greeting came out a growl. Not sure what it was. Probably something to do with the blood still trapped in my cock. Taylor gave me an inquisitive “mm” then a laugh.

“Morning, sunshine.”

God, the lilt to her voice basically said I know you’ve been jerking it like a fiend but I still broke into a grin. “Morning. What are you up to?”

“Just got to the office. Waiting around for some meeting. What about you?”

“Just got out of the shower.”

“I see,” she mused. I heard her mischief returning. “Wearing just a towel?”

I glanced down and smirked. “No. Didn’t really fit over the raging hard-on.”

“Mase!” Her scold was half-whine. I laughed.


“Don’t get me all hot and bothered at work.”

“Why not? You do it to me all the time and I take it like a champ,” I grinned.

“Yeah, well you also have your own office where you can take care of yourself if need be. My company doesn’t do offices unless you own the place, so cut me some slack and try to be a little less physically attractive to me,” Taylor giggled then sighed. “Shit. Lori just brought everyone into the conference room. I gotta go now.”

“Send me a picture of yourself,” I said, subconsciously stroking my dick again. Jesus fuck, she had me hornier than ever.

“You asked for it,” Taylor said wickedly before hanging up.

Well. I was in for it now. I had meetings all day and knowing Taylor’s timing, the picture she sent would come in the middle of my most important one. And as usual, it would be hotter than hell so now I was guaranteed for another evening of pain. But fuck it – I wasn’t averse to pain when I knew it would eventually lead to sweeter, hotter and better pleasure than I’d have gotten without that bit of torment. Bring it on, babe. Getting dressed, I decided I was ready for whatever my fiancée had in store for me. Of course, I should’ve remembered that the woman lived to prove me wrong.


* * *


Waiting on that text was like waiting on a ticking time bomb. It didn’t help that my fiancée loved to send a few mundane messages before dropping the mindblowing sext on me. It was a tactic meant to force my guard down, and I knew that well but it still worked on me.

Today, Taylor was requesting the information for Noah’s New Year’s Eve party. Between meetings in the hotel conference room, I answered her.


ME: It starts officially at 8PM but you and I are going earlier. After party at Lady Mercer

TAYLOR: An after party at a nice restaurant after we’ve been swimming in his pool? We’re all going to be dripping wet.

ME: I guarantee you won’t be complaining about how wet I get you that night


TAYLOR: You’re kind of a dirty boy aren’t you?

ME: It’s not your first time meeting me.

ME: Speaking of dirty, I think you owe me something.



ME: What??

TAYLOR: I just picked up the invitations!!!! They look beautiful!!!!!


I laughed at the sheer number of exclamation marks in her every text as she proceeded to send me several different angles of our wedding invitation. They looked good. I could see that clearly. Of course, I didn’t really care what our wedding invitations were printed on – all I wanted was to be able to introduce Taylor as my wife already. But if she needed the world’s most beautiful wedding with a record breaking number of hydrangeas for a single room, that was what she was going to get.

Closing my laptop, I gazed down at the nonstop flurry of “oh my God” and “they look beautiful” texts that rained down on my phone. My fiancée’s excitement was my excitement so despite my apathy over stationery and lettering, I grinned, happy to at least be with her via text as she went through her charmingly girlish excitement.

I was about to call her so I could hear it when out of nowhere, she sent the picture of her perfect tits.

“Holy fuck.”

I sat up fast.

Good lord.

She was kneeling in the photo. A half-second of a look and I was already aching, grabbing my dick. Judging from the trail of cashmere on the floor, I could tell Taylor had gone home and shed her clothes on the way to the coffee table. On her knees, she set the phone on the floor and snapped a picture that gave me one of my all-time favorite angles – that heavy, upward angle of those full and perfect tits. It reminded me of my view when she was on top and it got me so hard it almost hurt.

“Fuck, baby,” I groaned aloud, letting my head roll back for as long as I could bear to look away from her photo. About a second. Staring at it again, I adjusted my erection. I could hear footsteps approaching from down the hall, which meant it was time to fix my fucking face so it didn’t show so much as a hint of the agonizing arousal pumping through my veins.

By the time the door opened, my lip had stopped curling with the need to put my hands all over Taylor’s body. But I had yet to put her naked picture away.

“Hello, Mr. Leo.” Greeting me was my colleague’s assistant. Cara or Cora. “Ed says he’ll be a bit late, but he told me to bring you this.” With a wink, she slid a lowball of Scotch across the table. Fuckin’ Ed. He had an affinity for premature happy hour. I seldom partook before my meetings were completely over but I did today. I needed some help distracting myself from the fact that I couldn’t just take a car to see Taylor ASAP. “Troubling text?” Cora simpered.

“You could say that.”

“Let me guess. From the lady.”

My lips formed something along the lines of “yes” as I got lost again in the sheer perfection of the picture on my screen. For fuck’s sake, if there was an award for most strategically covered nipples in a nude photo, Taylor would win all of them. Goddamnit. I shifted in my seat, making room for the arousal that continued to pulse under my slacks.

“Not all women are like that, you know.”

I looked up at Ed’s assistant. “I don’t follow.”

“I’m sure you do,” she said breezily, shrugging off her blazer. I wasn’t unaware that this one always shed her extra layers around me. I wasn’t unaware either of the fact that her arms were rarely uncrossed around me. Crossed arms equaled cleavage. I knew that well and I noticed clearly. But noticing these days was only that – noticing. I saw, I registered, I failed to care. My bar for satisfaction had been raised too high at this point and there was no finding it in just anyone. Of course, my long-established reputation continued to precede me and I’d yet to wear that gold band – that official declaration of love on my finger. So naturally, women like Cora deemed me still up for grabs. Hopefully, the wedding would shut that down soon. If not, I’d do the job on my own.

“I promise you I don’t know what you’re saying,” I said.

She smiled. “Nagging. We’re not all nagging. Not all of us text constantly to check on what you’re doing. Some of us want you to have a life of your own.”

I smirked. “I think you misunderstand.”

“Oh? How so?”

“My wife’s messages are no burden to me. If anything, they just make me miss her harder than I can handle.” Choice phrasing there. I wasn’t sure if Cora picked it up but she did perk her eyebrows.

“She’s an unfairly lucky girl then. I thought she was just your fiancée though?”


“I mean you aren’t married. She’s not your wife just yet.”

“The difference is in a ring and a piece of paper. But as far as I’m concerned, she’s Mrs. Leo and she’s been for awhile.”

Cora uncrossed and re-crossed her arms. “I hope she knows how lucky she is.”

“I wouldn’t speak for her but we’re generally on the same page and I certainly know how lucky I am.”

Her mouth tightened into an awkward smile. “That’s great. You know, I think I’m going to go find Ed.”


She was barely up from her chair before my eyes turned back down to my phone. Under the mouthwatering photo now was a little text from Taylor. Just one word – gotcha. I smirked. Only she could make smug look that sexy. Wetting my lips, my fingers moved to text her back but instead, they typed and sent a message to my colleague instead.

Ed – got a situation in NY. Have to head back but I trust you’ve got the next two meetings on your own. Thank you, brother. I owe you for this.


* * *


After four days in Chicago, the New York winter felt like spring. Summer, even. Sitting at Taylor’s desk, I shrugged off my jacket, waiting for her to emerge from the meeting that the receptionist said would be finished soon. Sure, she’d gotten the last laugh with her most recent text. But amid a surprise visit to her office in the middle of her workday, I was armed with everything I needed to get her back.

I grinned when the door of the conference room finally opened to a stream of her Vandermark coworkers. Every one of their stares found me within seconds. They went wide and unblinking but no one said a word, which I appreciated. I exchanged smirks with about five of them before I spotted Taylor emerge in the exact kind of outfit I was hoping to see her in. Knee-length dress. High heels. No tights. As far as quickies went, that combination was my fucking bread and butter. I felt the edges of my lips curve up as I watched my fiancée chatter brightly with her colleagues, still oblivious to my presence as she started toward me to her desk.

When she finally saw me, she dropped a dozen folders to the floor.

“Oh my God!

The laughter in the room did wonders to cancel out her ear-splitting shriek as she jumped onto me with unbridled excitement. I grinned, gladly receiving the shower of a million little kisses she planted on my lips. I enjoyed the breathy sweetness of her reaction, especially since it was followed shortly by a sudden and angry curling of her fingertips against my chest. “Oh God, fuck you, Mase,” she whispered.

“What?” I laughed.

Hopping down from me, she leaned her red cheeks into my body before glancing over her shoulder at Lori. “Early lunch break, right?” her boss drawled. “Yeah – get out, you two. Before you make me sick.”

I managed something of a thank you to Lori before Taylor dragged me eagerly toward the elevators, cursing me a mile a minute under her breath. “Easy, tiger. What did I do?”

Taylor didn’t answer till we stepped into the elevator, the doors closing behind us. “You know what!” she finally huffed, adorably pissed as she blew a lock of blonde from her eyes. “You should’ve told me you were coming, Mase! I needed to mentally prepare before seeing your face. Especially after forever,” she said, pushing me back against the wall and reaching down between our bodies. I thrust my fingers in her hair as she cupped my package and squeezed. A groan tore from my chest as she immediately stroked. “God, I missed you so much, Mase. I don’t think it’s healthy,” she whispered, the desperation in her words prompting my need to just tear her clothes off and kiss her all over her body.

“Trust me, baby, I missed you more,” I murmured, cupping her cheek and pulling her into a kiss I should’ve saved for the car. But fuck it – I couldn’t help myself. I needed to taste the honey of her lips. Her tongue. I needed to swallow her moan as she felt me get completely hard in her palm. I knew there were cameras but it hardly mattered because every time I wanted her, it was an emergency.

In the back of the car, I put the divider up as Taylor yanked my pants down. I groaned as she stroked my shaft with a firm grip, her eyes fixed on its pulsing tip even as I peeled her wrap dress down her shoulders. Sitting back for a moment, I soaked in the view, letting Taylor run her grip up and down my steel length. When I lifted the skirt of her dress, I saw a flimsy, lace thong that my fingers itched to fucking destroy. Gripping its band with both hands, I easily ripped it off her body. She didn’t flinch so much as react, still transfixed as the pre-cum beaded at the head of my dick. Fuck, I loved how hypnotized she looked as I peeled off her clothes. I didn't do it fully though. Technically, she still had her dress on. It was just stretched and lifted in all the right places, giving me a show of all my favorite parts of her body. God, I’m a lucky bastard, I thought, staring shamelessly as I felt Taylor grasp handfuls of my shirt.

I grunted hard when she finally lowered herself onto my cock. Squeezing her breasts, I watched her ride me, my eyes flicking back and forth between her parted mouth and her grinding hips. I gripped them firmly, moving her over me, watching my every solid inch disappear inside her sweet pussy. God, I could explode right then and there. She was the only woman on Earth who could get me that close that fast. Good thing I’d perfected the art of holding out for her. Sliding my grip up to her waist, I lifted her body enough to thrust upward inside her. “Yes, baby,” I breathed, eyes on Taylor’s shaking tits as I bounced her up and down on my shaft, leaning forward to occasionally nip and suck on those perfect nipples. “Fuck, you’re going to make me come.”

“Do it,” she breathed eagerly, her gorgeous eyes lighting up in a way that tempted me to just fucking blow inside her. But I couldn’t yet.

“Not till I’ve seen you come,” I murmured, once again catching the tip of her breast with my mouth. She threw her head back as I sucked greedily, drawing hot circles over her pebbled nipple. Her walls contracted around me, pulsing mercilessly now, hugging me so tight I had to gnash my teeth. Holy fucking shit, it felt good. Eyes closed, jaw clenched, I was in Heaven. She was so wet she had the sounds of our sex filling the car along with the heat and the scent. I was so sure I couldn’t feel better than I did at that very second but Taylor proved me wrong again when she gasped, pitched forward and came on top of me, delirium seeping from her lips in a way I needed to taste. A growl tore from my chest as I kissed her. Circling my arm around her body, I lifted and laid her on the backseat, thrusting once, twice then a third time before bursting to a growling finish inside her. Our stares locked hard as I came, the spurts of pleasure rippling through every inch of my body. My eyes wanted to close but I wouldn’t let them, forcing them to stay pinned on Taylor’s sweet lips parting with pleasure for every sound that tore from my chest.

“I love you, Mase.” Her voice was breathy, small but I felt every word hit me hard. I returned them in a hard exhale as I let my body relax onto hers, our eyes still pinned to one another.

Good God, this woman had me at her mercy.

Crazier than that, I didn’t mind it.