“Do you think he’s nervous?” I asked as Emmett and I sat with about a dozen others in his suite, watching Drew take the field for Game 7 of the American League Championship Series.

Now that it was September, the playoffs were underway for the Empires. Not only that, I was getting ready to close the restaurant for the summer, so really, there were lots of emotions swirling all over the place and if anyone was nervous, it was me.

It was going to be hard to say goodbye to East Hampton after the memories Emmett and I made there this summer. Of course, we’d be back by next year and by then, we’d be able to enjoy the house as an established couple – not combative roommates who were still trying to figure things out.

That was definitely something to look forward to.

“Drew? Nervous?” My question made Emmett grin as number twenty-one, Drew Maddox, started tossing a few warm-up pitches. “No, he lives for this kind of spotlight. He’s the kind of sick bastard who enjoys when people doubt him.”


“Besides, winning games like these just gives him that much more of an excuse to party his ass off after.”

“Oh God. Also true,” I grimaced as Emmett chuckled, pulling me close to press a reassuring kiss to the top of my head.

“Don’t worry. I already told him that we can’t go out if he wins tonight. You’ve got a big day tomorrow, too.”

“Yeah, but somehow the last day of my summer pop-up seems a lot less significant than the last game of the ALCS,” I snorted. “Aly’s need to sleep before work versus Drew Maddox advancing the Empires to the World Series – which sounds like it should take priority to you?” I teased, though Emmett answered without batting an eye.

“The one that involves my girlfriend,” he said, smirking when he caught my massively dorky grin. Nerd, I laughed at myself as the roar of the stadium swelled to welcome the first official pitch of the game.


* * *

EMMETT: I regret this already


His text buzzed in just as I got into the front door of the East Hampton house. I smirked, taking off my champagne-soaked Empires cap as I replied.


ALY: Where is he making you guys go?


Drew had pitched a monster of a game, holding Cleveland to just one run in seven and two-thirds innings. Things got a bit too close for comfort in the final inning, but we pulled through with the win and I got to celebrate with the team and the Hoults in the clubhouse before calling it a night.

It was midnight by now, and I had to wake up in five hours. But since even Julian was going out to celebrate tonight, I told Emmett that he should stay in the city and do the same.

“But you don’t fall asleep as well without me,” he pointed out adorably, about two seconds before Drew ran over, yelling, “Empires, baby!” while pouring two separate bottles of champagne over our heads.

Long story short, he and I wound up convincing Emmett to go out and celebrate with the team. And now, as I got changed to go to bed, I watched Emmett’s texts come in like a life feed of the night’s festivities.


EMMETT: He wanted us to go to his favorite club

EMMETT: In Miami

EMMETT: Julian talked him out of it but now he’s trying to convince me to get Mom and Gram to come out with us tonight


I laughed so hard I choked.


ALY: My God I’m almost afraid to see what Drew will be like if you guys win the World Series

ALY: Where are you now?

EMMETT: Just dropped off Mom and Gram at their house. Julian and I are going to hang out for a bit while Drew decides on a place to go

EMMETT: That is within the tristate area hopefully


I giggled, feeling almost guilty for how relieved I was to be excused from this impending mess of a night. I already knew that I’d come home from work tomorrow to find Emmett hung over on the couch and desperately needing my care.

But that was obviously fine by me. I had no problem playing nurse to Emmett. He was six feet and three inches of pure muscle. Being tasked to take care of all that brawn was honestly so enjoyable for me that I found myself halfway tempted to order some sexy nurse costume off Amazon right now.

But before I could get carried away with the idea, Emmett called.

“Hi!” I answered brightly as I ambled back downstairs.

“Hey, baby. Are you going to bed soon?”

“In about thirty minutes. I’m just gonna start a movie on Netflix first to wind down.”

The sound of his low chuckle made me bite my lip.

“You know it’s weird that you going into a movie without the intention to finish it, right?” he teased, making me grin.

“I know lots of people who are like that.”

“Lots of other weirdos?”

“Funny. For that, I’m going to watch our favorite chick flick on HBO alone,” I said, making him laugh. “And this time when the sex scene comes up, I’m going to play with my pussy all by myself,” I finished wickedly, quite enjoying the brief silence before Emmett hissed fucking hell.

“If you play with that pussy tonight, you better call me so I can hear you come.”

“Nuh-uh. That privilege is for when you’re here in person,” I said as he let out a long groan.

“What are you wearing right now?”

“One of your white T-shirts. And panties.”

“Which panties?” he asked like it was an emergency.

“The lacey black ones I wore that first time I went to your apartment in the city.”

“I thought you said I destroyed them.”

“The washer and dryer saved them,” I smirked. “And now I’m wearing them and thinking about how you fucked me in the shower that night.”

“Yeah. And then you passed out in my bed without panties and I had to sleep next to your wet pussy all night – fuck,” Emmett hissed. “I’m so fucking hard now.”

“Where exactly are you right now?” I laughed. I had heard Julian’s voice five minutes ago, but now the background was quiet.

“I went upstairs. To my old room.”

“Aw, your old room.” I smiled when I remembered it, but as I heard Emmett close the door, I bit my lip. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m about to jerk off while you play with your pussy,” Emmett replied so bluntly my eyes went wide for a second.

“Oh, is that right? You want me to play with myself right now in front of this window?” I teased. “What if your neighbors see?”

“Don’t you dare show anyone that fucking pussy. That’s mine.”

I raked my bottom lip between my teeth as I went quiet for a bit. My pulse picked up as I drifted over to the living room, imagining Emmett stroking his cock as I listened to the sound of his breathing.

“You’re right. It is yours,” I finally murmured, making him groan.

“Where are you?”

“Living room,” I replied, lowering myself onto the couch.

“Touch your pussy for me. Tell me how wet it is.”

My gaze dipped between my bare thighs as I slipped my hand into my panties. I breathed out in surprise when I pushed my middle finger between my folds.

“It’s… wow. Soaked,” I giggled, making him curse under his breath again.

“Goddammit, I just want to fuck you right here right now.”

“In your childhood bedroom? Kinky.”

“I don’t care. I want to watch you walk around in my football jersey with no panties so I can look at your pussy whenever I want.”

My eyes fluttered when I realized I actually found that idea pretty hot. It felt particularly naughty since I’d spent so many nights in high school wondering what went on when Emmett was locked in his room with a girl.

“What else do you want to do?” I asked, my breaths growing quickly as jagged as his.

“I want to bend you over my desk and spank your ass while I fuck you. I want to come so hard inside you that I get to watch it drip from your pussy all day, because that pussy’s fucking mine, Aly,” Emmett growled. “It belongs to me. Nobody else.”


“Tell me again.”

I moaned, writhing at his words and my touch.

“It’s yours. My pussy’s all yours, Emmett, and I’m fucking pissed that you’re not here right now because I need you in my pussy.”

“Use your fingers, baby.”

“I am,” I breathed, arching my back and pushing in deeper as I listened to his heavy breathing quicken. I pictured that sexy forearm of his twitching as he jerked faster, and I wet my lips just thinking about the pre-cum seeping from the tip of his dick. “Oh God…”

The orgasm that hit me made me jerk so hard on the couch I almost dropped the phone. Thank God I didn’t though, or I’d have missed the vicious, guttural groan that tore from Emmett’s throat as he came in his room. It was hands down the hottest sound I’d ever heard in my life, and I could’ve sworn that it extended my climax, because I was still twitching with the pleasure of a million aftershocks even after Emmett came down.

“Fuck, baby, that was hot…”

Emmett’s voice was a combination of bliss and exhaustion on the other end, and it put the biggest smile on my face as our phone conversation went on another five or ten minutes.

It would’ve gone on for longer, but my body was humming with such contentment that I wound up passing out right on the couch.

So much for having trouble getting to sleep.